Wintergreen is the first of the ‘new breed’ of improved Couch’s developed to provide better performance than common and native Couch’s.


Wintergreen is the most widely used turf variety due to:


Wintergreen is an extremely versatile turf variety.  It has been used for applications from house yards, to sporting ovals, to bowling greens, to lawn tennis courts to roadside drains.  It tends to respond to the treatment it is given and as such can make for an extremely attractive fine leafed lawn or a robust turf used for erosion control.

Drought Tolerance

Wintergreen is the most drought tolerant of the turf varieties.  Although there is much fanfare and marketing hype about the drought tolerance of some of the higher profile varieties, scientific trials show that varieties from the Cynodon Dactylon family e.g. Wintergreen and Plateau have the strongest drought tolerance of the turf varieties.

Fast Recovery / Hardiness

Wintergreen recovers well from damage caused by regular walk areas, rough treatment on a sporting field or by animals.  Wintergreen does not grow well in shady areas and requires a minimum of 80% sunlight for best growth.

Emerald Green Colour

Wintergreen has lovely emerald green colour and medium fine leaf.

Winter Colour

As per its name, Wintergreen holds its colour better during the cooler winter months.


Wintergreen is the most economically priced of our varieties

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