How to measure your turf area

Easy mathematics can take a lot of the guesswork out of measuring your turf area. Use any of the following formulas and diagrams to meet your yard or layout.


Circular area

A=3.14 x R2

Circle’s radius (r) is 10 meters. Multiply the known 3.14 by the radius squared, thus:
A=3.14 x 102
A=3.14 x 100
A=3.14 square meter


Square / Rectangle area

A=Base x Height

“B”ase is 10 meters, and the “H”eight is 10 meters, thus:
A=10m x 10m
A= 100 Square meters


Triangular area

A=(Base x Height)

“B”ase is 10 meters, and the “H”eight (base to point) is 20 meters, thus:
A=10m x 20m = 200m
2 2
A=100 Square meters


Combination Free-form & Breakdown to forms

Break the free-form area to obvious forms and calculate each form’s area. Once each form is calculated, add the areas together to derive a total area.

1 – 3.14 x R2
2 – “B” x “H”
3 – “B” x “H”


Turf Measuring Hints

Be sure to measure your yard straight lines. This will help with more accurate results. Turf is ordered by the square meter. To assure you are using the same unit of measure, make sure to take your measurements in meters.


Soil Preparation

For best results work the soil to a depth of 100-150mm using a rotary hoe or spade. If necessary add a suitable top soil. Rake off any stones, sticks etc. and then shape with a bobcat or hand level bar. Apply a “starter fertilizer” e.g: Crop King 88 or Dynamic Lifter at recommended rates.

Note: if the sub soil is of a clay nature it is advisable to add gypsum before working the soil.

Note: If the soil has a low ph, or is very acidic add lime to the soil.


Laying the Turf

Lay the turf as soon as possible after delivery – the same day or no later than 24 hours after delivery. (Turf is a living plant that requires sunlight, ground contact and moisture to survive).

Lay the turf, staggering the joins making sure they are butted up tight.

To help with erosion control, lay across the slope.

Start watering the newly laid turf as soon as possible  to help avoid any setback (be aware of any Council water resettrictions in place)

Note: After initial watering, rolling with a heavy roller will give a professional result.




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